support "Sticky" Output routing

In my mix template I never use “stereo out” as my output, I always mix into a “Master” Group track (using Stereo out for reference mixes etc. master group has master FX, stereo out has all analysis tools). So whenever I create a new track I have to change Output routing - that’s an extra step I often forget. But it gets worse

Once a project is more evolved I may have 10 to 20 group tracks, the selection list gets longer. so e.g. when I am tracking guitar I naturally want to route everything to the guitar group track while I am stacking tracks quickly - every time I have to select the correct group track. I usually try to create multiple tracks and use the quicklink feature on the mixer + Routing panels but it is an extra step that slows down the workflow - the one thing you do not want when you are tracking.

The easiest workaround would be an option to make the output routing “sticky” - just tell cubase to re-use the last output we selected when we created a new track! Then we only need to select “Master” once and maybe change to another submix group once in a while. Much faster workflow!

Also what about FX tracks, they always route to the Stereo Out which means they are not routed to my master track and won’t get compressed. Either treat them the same way or have an option to choose a fixed default output for them.

thanks for considering, have been using Cubase for 17 years now, still love it.