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I haven’t put any music up in a while. Hoping you guys can suggest improvements to the mix. I put a lot of focus on getting a clean and clear mix, really inspired by some of the good results others are getting here. This is the first recording I’ve made with Superior Drummer, which was far more complicated than I would have imagined before I bought it (like how much snare bottom bleed do I want in the room ambience mics – not the kind of adjustments I’ve had to make with Halion One drumsets). Guitars were done using Amplitube Jimi Hendrix together with the Cubase amp simulator (Cubase 4.5 level). Synth is Prolog. Bass was direct in from an output on my bass amp. I also tried to follow advice found here and elsewhere on compression, equalization, master plugs, etc., to give it a smoother finish. Final processing was in Wavelab Essential 6. Thinking about what to buy next when I can afford it (after Cubase 6 upgrade). Maybe Ozone? Appreciate any comments. Don’t be afraid to criticize. Here it is:
first one in the list.

Thanks everybody.

i cant give any advice here ,youve done a realy good job, you have a nice clear mix it is not clutterd up, i can see the back wall so to speak and it`s loud enough ,the style of music is quite fitting to remember gary moore by ,it has that colosseum type vibe . good job and nice playing.

I think this is great, you’ve done a nice job with the overal mix. some fine playing to. wasn’t sure about the distorted sound on the guitar stabs, maybe if it was back a bit.

Lovely sound to all the instruments; drums are great and so is the bass. Is that an electric piano from Halion One? I like it. The guitar is hugely enjoyable - lovely, interesting chord phrases and effortless sounding fluid lines. Nice tune! Do I remember correctly that you used to play your 335 through a solid state Yamaha amp? Is this the 335? Sounds very very good to my ears.


Thanks, Firestamper. Appreciate the comments. Gary Moore’s passing was a surprise, and a real loss. He was a great guitarist.

Thanks for listening, Bluebob. Do you think there’s too much distortion on the guitar? I was trying to get a dirty sound, and actually went through two amp sims in sequence to get it dirtier. Might have gone too far. I keep working on the guitar sound, and am not totally satisfied with either the Cubase 4.5 amp sim or the Amplitube Jimi Hendrix. Maybe I could have layered a couple of takes; I gather that’s a popular technique. Of course, the possibilities are endless, and I keep searching! Thanks again for your comments.

Thanks, Steve, and welcome to the new forum! Hadn’t seen you here yet. Glad you like the guitar. It is indeed the ES335, although this time I’m going direct in through two amp sims in sequence – the Cubase 4.5 version then the Amplitube Jimi Hendrix. I stuck with it because I liked the fatness, although I sometimes think something is still missing or unrealistic about it. I hear the Cubase 6 amp sim is a big improvement, so looking forward to that one day. In the meantime, I still have that old Yamaha amp, but I did pick up a Fender Vibrolux Reverb which I’m using nowadays. My next recording may have that one miked… still playing with that sound.

I loved the guitar work on this track mate really, the sound was perfect for the lead. the rhythm part might have been a touch to dirty only because I was kind of getting a jazzy feel to it. was just an opinion I got on 1st listen, maybe a 2nd listen I’ll get it. its really a great groove

Ah, now I see what you mean. Thanks again for listening!

No, that’s my old favorite, Mr. Ray. Much better in my opinion than the Halion One ep’s, at least in Cubase 4.5.

Yeah – I really dug this track! I like all the panning stuff and the guitar solo/tone is KILLER! My only nit is the snare is a bit wimpy, and occasionally gets lost in the mix