Support ticket disappeared without acknowledgment

OK, I’m a little confused here. Earlier this year I reported an issue with Cubase Pro 10.5 in this forum. Nobody could really help to verify, but I was advised to create a support ticket at My Steinberg, so I did. I included steps to reproduce, and a link to my forum post with screenshots.

The support ticket was not acknowledged in any way. After several weeks I added a message to the ticket, asking about the rather long processing time. That didn’t make any change.

Last week I went to look at the ticket and saw that it had disappeared from My Steinberg / My support. I thought it was a glitch because there were some reports about website problems. But now I just had a look again, and it’s not there.

Are the support tickets automatically closed after some time has passed? Or what is going on here?

If it’s closed you will see it with the “flag” closed…
it should not disappear

I agree, it shouldn’t, but it has. I updated the title of this post to reflect that.

Some time after this happened, I created another ticket on MySteinberg (“other enquiry, not tech support”) where I referenced the original ticket and asked if it was removed due to a technical error, or deliberately.

This new inquiry ticket has now been in the “open” state for 18 days, and I don’t know what is going on with this.