Support Ticket open 1 month and no response!!!!

I’ve had a support ticket open for over a month now, without any response…!!! Has anyone else had something like this?

I know companies are having issues with Covid affecting how they run their business…but a month???

What am I supposed to do? Does anyone have any ideas how I can escalate this?

Norris9, this probably won’t help but can you describe what issue you’re having? Maybe some of us have an answer. You’d be surprised. Perhaps you’ve already asked us?

Same problem here…

Studio One here I come…


Ive got a support ticket I opened over 2 months ago, and so far all Ive got is a canned response from steinberg. It may be due to the fact that my issue cannot be easily resolved by them, and they are hiding that fact, but that really isnt my concern.

Yes, many businesses are taking advantage of the ‘covid’ hysteria and claiming “customer service” delays despite those same delays being present BEFORE the outbreak. Many are also laying off people en masse, which they were also waiting to do pre-pandemic. What fun, when capitalism shows you its ugly head, and demonstrates how frail and paper-thin it really is.

Same here, one month no repsonse, as it normally happens with my tickets.
Sometimes guys like Ed respond late and say sorry, but in the end it is their business support model.
Was always like that an will always be. You may be more lucky if you have a support phone number.
But in many situations I even don’t want / need a direct phone mate to help me on the fly when I am addressing bugs or minor / medium issues with their application. For instance I opened a ticket since they still have not fixed that input channels will not automatically show up in the project view- Only outs show up. To see any inputs you have to toggle Global Read/Write. It is a long time bug and not critical but things like these needs to be fixed as well.
I’ve added an update to my ticket, asking how it can be to leavve a ticket untouched for more than a month?