Support ticket wait time?

I posted a query on this forum about line out interference on a new UR 22 mk2, and also submitted a ticket 8 days ago now, Nobody responded to my forum post which is fair enough, but still nothing from Steinberg support either. So how long do they normally take to respond?


I’m waiting for over 6 weeks now. It’s ridiculous!

Oh dear, that’s depressing. I guess it’s send it back and get a different interface then. No option. Nice one Steinberg.

Meanwhile you could try setting your mobile phone in “Aeroplane mode” as this was causing interference in my set-up.

Aye, well worth a thought, but it’s not that. It’s a nasty digital type interference different to the usual phone problems. Anyway, Focusrite 2i2 on the way as a replacement now. Steinberg’s loss really due to poor CS.

Thanks though. At least I know I’m not on my own on these boards now :slight_smile:

A digital interference mostly is caused by ground-loops (housing of equipment connected thru USB cable and signal wiring)
A good solution is the use of DI’s in signal cabling. (Behringer has a nice/inexpensive one with 8 inputs and it solved my digital noise completely)

Well it took 2 months for me to get a reply. The reply I finally got today was: “We only deal with software related technical issues” Case closed.

Thanks for nothing Steinberg.

2 Months… and the answer is even more absurd!

For me an “answer” took 6 weeks and I initially got a copy-paste from the manual (while I wrote an extensive mail).
Afterwards I e-mailed some with support but the conversation reads like a bad comedy sketch. Aside from the fact I got no answers whatsoever the guy didn’t even respond to or understood my questions. I might as well could have called a helpdesk for garden supplies with similar outcome.

I gave up…