Support to decode AAC in 64-bit Wavelab on OSX

Apologies if it has been asked before - but am I right in saying it is still not possible to open AAC/Apple lossless directly in 64-bit Wavelab 8.5 on OSX?

Switching to the 32-bit WL8 every time is a bore and I was really hoping 8.5 would offer a solution. Read only (as per WL8/32) is fine.


AAC lossless and Apple lossless are 2 different things.
AAC lossless is supported in WaveLab 8.5 32/64 bit
Apple lossless is only supported in WaveLab 8.5 32 bit, provided the file has the .alac extension.

Thanks for the clarification, PG.

I am ideally looking to open .m4a lossy and lossless formats to AIFF/WAV etc in Wavelab/64. Sometimes I only need to do one, sometimes a whole batch. Currently I have to switch to WL8/32 to do this.

iTunes can currently be used to batch convert to WAV/AIFF (at the minor inconvenience of adding all the new files to the library, whether you want them there or not). But I would really like to be able to open these files natively in Wavelab 64 bit, not least because I (perhaps unnecessarily) wonder if apple will one day remove this functionality from iTunes without warning!

Direct ALAC support is planned.

Good to hear! Thanks again.