Support wait time

Can anyone tell me the current turnaround time for support tickets to be acknowledged and then fixed?
I have a support ticket logged for 7 days now and it has not even been acknowledged.

It is now 15 days since I raised the ticket and STILL no acknowledgement

This depends greatly on geographic location. For a realistic answer you should include yours.

Here in the USA, I opened a ticket last week, and received human-written responses about 4 to 5 days afterward.

That is good to hear but it does raise a supplementary question - why do USA customers get a better service than U.K. customers? We all pay the same amount for the product.

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I don’t know if that can be concluded from one person’s experience. I imagine there are more variables than that.

I do know that in the EU they get vacation days for winter break, which is not a thing in the USA.

still an ongoing issue, most of my tickets take from 3 weeks to a month historically, having posted a total of 12 in 8 years