Support waiting time


After updating to Cubase Pro 10.0.60 Cubase crashes during startup (macOS 10.14.6). I sent a support request 18 days ago and attached the Crash dump file, but I haven’t got any reply yet. Anyone who knows how long time it usually takes to get an answer from Steinberg support?

Don’t know how long but if you attach the dump here then there are usually someone who can read it for you and tell you what has caused the crash.

I am in the US. I put in a request ticket and had a response the next morning. They solved my problem, which I was coming to post up here in case anyone else ran into it. They were fast and accurate for me.

Steinberg / Yamaha support is the worst I ever dealt with.
Tried using online chat about 4 times before but they told me to call or email support and immediately ended a chat without letting me say thank you or good bye.
Email, I have 3 support inquiries which are months old and not a single reply for any of them.