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My pc unexpectedly started to update itself and it installs the 20h2 update to me so I had to suspend all updates and I had to uninstall the 20h2 update several times because cubase it do not like. I tested but cubase under the 20h2 update does not work correctly, crashes are very frequent. I received from cubase that my previous post was deleted because it was deemed inappropriate by the community on this forum. It’s shabby and shameful not to want to provide a patch to correct this windows compatibility issue, cubase is great software but steinberg’s policy towards its users is not all good. All I’m asking is tech support so I can use the software while still being safe with my updated windows! It’s shame !

Hi anteas38

I understand you are frustrated - but this is a user forum so complaining to the rest of us isn’t going to help your situation.

I’m running 20h2 here without issue so why not calm down, take a deep breath and post your issue here and people will try to help.

Not intent to put more gas in this fire, but this guy has a point. I understand his frustation too and a lot of people. I’m using 2H02 too. Cubase 10.5 is working but little worse than before, and more worse than 10 running on Win 10 1809, and so on…
IMHO I feel that all Operational System out there are going the same way. Every single update, due security and tracking “stuff” turns the things a little bit slower, uses more CPU, leads to some random crashes, random incompatilibities and if you own a company that uses only two OSes (win or Mac) to run your programs, it is more than expected that your stuff handle any updates from them right way.

hi Aurelio

Yes he has a point - and yes he’s having problems, but where do you see me defending SB support ? And I totally understand his frustration - but as I say, this is a USER forum so just using it as a complaining platform doesn’t really achieve anything positve, although it does get a bit tedious and adds to the ‘background noise’.

I’m happy to have a long discussion about OS resources but that’s not the point. @anteas38 problem probably isn’t 20H2 specifically…so, as USERS, let’s try to do what we can to get him/her working.

Alternatively, just continue to post how the world is terrible, nothing works, it’s all pointless…and good luck with that :slight_smile: It’s your call.

Hi Dr. Strangelove ,

I did not intend to deviate from the forum’s purpose. As an USER, I did not have aswer to his complain at all, and I see others complaining for similar issues as well.
All I’m saying, is that, this is an oficial forum.
His claim, so far I understood, is that he didn’t receive a proper solution from the support, and after that he came here, to, I don’t know, unburden, maybe (I’m just guessing ok), and as I understand it he probably thought that coming here and posting it on the forum, either one, or he thought he would be bringing some kind of negative feedback to steinberg, or he just wanted to hear that there are other colleagues who, like him, also feel frustrated like the product support.

On the other hand, I agree with you that just saying what comes to mind and saying categorically that the program is this or that is lead you to nowhere.

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guys, steinberg he had warned on October 5, 2020 not to install the 20h2 and then wait for me as user I obey and I wait but of what and until when ??
I quote
“” As in previous years, new OS updates mean that we shall be testing our current line of products on both platforms. It also means that we strongly recommend waiting before updating your Mac or Windows computer until the entire compatibility chart for all Steinberg products has been made available. " source is here

if they released cubase 11 it means that they know full well if there is a problem of compatibility of 10.5.20 with the 20h2 or not

hi Anteas38

I’ve 10.5.20 running with 20h2 just fine…If it updates by accident I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

Are you aware you can uninstall the Windows Updates if there are any issues ?