Supported Video formats / CODECS in WavLab 6

What are the supported Video File formats in Version 6?

I am a Forensic Audio Examiner and love WavLab but I have had to start enhancing DVDs more and more. Would love to use the VOB files directly as a reference while working on an extracted transcoded .WAV file… At the moment v6 is freezing and then will not properly display VOB files.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I believe the useable video formats in WL6 were very limited, but never used it myself. You might try a search in the old forum via Google: via Google

Luck, Arjan

You should be able to extract (usually) an MPEG stream from the VOB … in some cases all you have to do is rename the file extension from .VOB to .MPG … and it sounds like you know how to do this if you’ve already gotten a .WAV from the .VOB

Try extracting a video stream and renaming it .AVI, or converting it to .MOV and see does it improve things.

I recently had a really big problem getting video to play in both Cubase 5 and WL 6
convertd the file to mp4, OT, mov nothing worked same way in C5 Ableton was fine opened it…proble is I don’t use Ableton enough to be useful.