Supported Video Formats

is there a recommended video format to export from in premiere pro/davinci resolve that works well with scoring in Cubase 10.5?

Ah nice, thanks r2d2 for this link. Hopefully some more, like HEVC will be added soon in future.

Can anyone who uses DaVinci Resolve please share their specific render settings that works nicely for video import into Cubase 10 Pro?
I have so far tried a hand full of combinations, all adhere to the requirements listed here. Unfortunately the video freezes after a couple of seconds of playing in Cubase. Stopping playback updates the video player with the correct frame.
I should note that I do have video files that Cubase plays back without a hitch, I just can’t seem to get the render settings in Resolve to produce a file that Cubase can play back smoothly.

I have a problem with H.264 MP4s.
As documentation say are supported, but I have experienced different files with the same codec exported form Premiere one easily imported and the other one didn’t. Do you have any idea why?

I edit video with Premiere and davinci.
For video to cubase I use Prores 422 proxy.
For interchange between Premiere and Davinci I use Prores 4444.

Good workaround, but personally prefer native features of my main software.