Supported video hardware for N6


just curious if N6 officially supports new video out options like the matrox mxo2 or motu devices and if it will be possible to use the adr functions with those devices.


Any official word on this?

Hi Oliver,

both devices have not been tested with Nuendo.
Our latest information for the Motu hardware is
that they don´t natively support the QuickTime
Player which is essential for using with Nuendo.

cheers, Tino

I have just stumbled upon this thread in the Matrox MXO user forum:

But please notice: This Hardware has not officially been tested with Nuendo and there is no official support for it.

Matrox does NOT work with N6 on Mac. It does not support QT anymore. I’ve tested it a couple of weeks ago.

Thank you for sharing this information.