Suppress Playback Feature Request


It would be nice to be able to filter those items that are suppressed in a score or have a visual representation of what is suppressed e.g. greyed out item. I typically use Suppress Playback on a bar or section basis to test out instrument combinations. The problem is that once the score is finished, I don’t recall all the places where playback is suppressed. To hunt these down is quite time consuming. Maybe I’m missing something and there is a workaround already.


There’s not an option you’re missing, no. You can select all and “un-suppress,” but that’s about it. AFIAK.

A method that I use in these kind of situations is to color the notes that you suppress. You can then easily identify them and can set a key command to make it a quick operation. I don’t think you can filter differently colored notes though.

Apologies if I’m misunderstanding you gyprock. You can test out instrument combinations by selecting the instruments you want to hear (select any notes from those instruments) and pressing Alt-S. You can then reset things back to normal afterwards with Alt-Shift-S. Unfortunately this doesn’t work with Note Performer, you’ll need to use their mixer to do that.

You can also only playback specific staves by selecting notes/items on the staves you want to hear (and nothing on staves you don’t want to hear). This lasts for one playback, i.e. doesn’t affect mute/solo states.

Thanks everyone for input. The best solution for me is to colour code the notes. To elaborate for others, I find that throughout the development of a piece there are phrases or doublings that may or may not end up in the final piece. Rather than deleting them and regretting it later, they can be suppressed, similar to the mute tool in Cubase where piano roll notes are greyed out. By the time I want to finalise the piece that could be 50 or more bars, a quick method of identifying all the suppressed items is needed so they can be deleted from the final score.

Hasn’t there been some talk in the past about a future ability to highlight staves or portions thereof? If so, and when it arrives, that could be a solution for you, but there has been no word that such a feature is “imminent.”

Jesus…I try to assign a keycommand to ‘suppress playback’. I know that it is possible. But I just can’t find ‘suppress playback’ in the keycommand list.
I looked also for ‘mute’, ‘unmute’, ‘activate’…I don’t find it…aaaahhhh…help…

You have to make your own. Searching the forum would have given you useful results such as this one, from earlier this month: Key Command for Suppress Playback - #6 by Grainger2001 - Dorico - Steinberg Forums

Thanx - I knew that I once had it…but somehow all my keycommands are gone/have changed/ - sure I did sth wrong…anyway…now it works again :slight_smile: