Suppress playback of xml import of chord changes

Hi. I’m looking to optimize some repetitive commands. There is probably something in setup I just haven’t found and don’t see addressed when searching suppress playback on the forums.

I have a big band chart I’ve exported to MUSXML and have now imported into Dorico. On each part are the chord names (not really symbols) that follow the piano chord changes. These are transposed into every relevant instrument. They do not print out. If it helps-they show up in a lime green color, and I have not changed any default settings with regard to colors or workflows. These show in Play and Engrave modes. I have discovered in the lower third box, I can select one of these and toggle “suppress playback” to on- and it goes away. I later discovered I can select all, then toggle to suppress and only that info goes away. The part for the musician is otherwise unchanged. The question- will I need to do this for every part? Is there a setting on my import from XML I can change so the software does not attempt to create this kind of playback? It is unwanted in my case. All the best! -ME

Hidden chord symbols show as green signposts. If you don’t want to see them, turn them off from View > Signposts.

If you don’t want a particular player to show chord symbols at all, right-click on that player in the left panel of Setup mode > Chord Symbols > Hide for All Instruments. Note that this menu is player-specific; it refers to all instruments held by an individual player.

I’m not sure why suppress playback would have any effect here. Are you hearing these chords in playback, or just trying to get rid of the green signposts?

If you’re hearing chord symbols played back and you don’t want them to, you can disable them via Play mode. See here.