Suppressing flow number; forced rests in Snare drum

As usual, tearing my hair out here.

How do I suppress the wretched flow number title without it deciding I’m overriding something (as evidenced by the red triangle)? What Master page is saying it’s got to be there?

And in bar 13, how do I persuade the Snare Drum part to show the forced rests as in all the other parts? I’ve tried entering it with notenames, spaces - can’t get anything to work.

Sorry for putting two queries in one entry.
Forced (389 KB)

Question 1: Engrave Mode, right panel, Flow Headings. Double-click on the Default flow heading to edit it.

Flow headings are a new feature in 2.2.

Note names are not the appropriate way in Dorico — not since the y key was made the right key for unpitched percussion and rests. Not sure it will solve your problem but it’s worth a try.

I’d been staring at that right hand panel and simply not noticed the Flow heading panel. - Sorry, and thanks.

The use of y for entering rests was quite unknown to me. So, I clicked the rest symbol, the G (forced duration symbol), the note length, then y. Caret moves but no rest appears. :frowning: Certainly worth a try, and certainly I’ll try y in other contexts - thanks.

Ok, piano888. It’s the proper way to input rests in “normal” staves, but unpitched percussions are a “different beast”, which I admit I do not master at all. Thanks for the feedback.

Unfortunately you can’t currently create rests on percussion kits. This is something that we expect to change in future, but for the time being there’s really no direct way to do it.