supress double barline before change of key signature

The piece Im working on has a supertonic gambit at the end (ie. it changes key from c (do) to d (re) major for the last 16 bars.
The last 16 bars are also repeated, and there are different 1st and 2nd time endings.

I want to put the new key signature (d major) after the opening repeat barline, but dorico insists it goes before that barline and is preceeded by a double barline. It looks messy. I’d be happy if I could just supress that double barline, even happier if I could force the key sig to appear after the repeat barline, but I can’t see how to do either. Any ideas?


This subject has already been discussed, I think. Dorico engraves it a logical way, but it seems that we are not used to that ! I will try and find the previous threads about that.
Here’s one :

You can suppress the double barline, at least, using the option ‘Changes of key signature at the start of the bar’ on the ‘Barlines’ page of Engraving Options.