Sure Would Love A Group Freeze

Does anyone know if this is in the works? Or what the insurmountable problem with enabling this entails?
I think that it’s my #1 request that I would love to see. I hope this gets 100 +1’s and becomes a priority:


“pronto”… really?

Just solo your group and print it to a track.

don’t know why i wrote that? “pronto” isn’t really my style. i’m gonna erase that if i can. :unamused:

but, yeah, really. i use some cpu-hog plugins (that i like) and it would be great to hear and make adjustments to group processing, all active. that’s the important part. i don’t have the computing power to have everything i use on at once. and i want to hear it all as i make decisions. i just have ended up in one to many situations where down the line from printing a group, i’ve wanted to make some simple but significant parameter adjustments, and had to reprint. but, that’s not a huge deal and that’s not the point.

the point is that i want to hear everything on. i could do that without group freeze.