Surf in mediabay & FB via keyboard ?

i’m trying to map pc keyboard to navigate folders in mediabay & filebrowser (attachments)
like in FL or Ableton

navigate back & forth folders, and up/down keyboard goes thru samples inside folder

any solutions ?


Use right arrow to go through the folders and open them. Use the left arrow to go up in the folder.

thank you Marting for answer, but seems in my side it doesn’t work like it should.

When i’m pressing this buttons, changing only foucus inside mediabay window (file name,ratings, style & etc.) (attachments)

maybe my key get different mapping, can u pls let me know what command shoud assing by defoult.

again, Thanks


Oh, you are in the MediBay window, not in the MediaBay Rack. More over you want to switch between the Result area and the Tree area. I’m afraid this is not possible.

i have same issue in mb rack.
what u explain, works only if my focus at folders, if i change focus to samples, it does same like in MB window


Yes. And unfortunately the common Left/Right zone Key Commands don’t work in MediaBay.