Surface Pro 4 and Dorico 3: no audio

Does anyone here use the Surface Pro 4 (or any other version of the Surface Pro) with Dorico 3?

If so, what audio engine / hardware are you using?

I have a Surface Pro 4 with a Core i7 processor and 16 GB of RAM, which I usually use with my Bose QC35 wifi headphones.

No matter what driver I use (ASIO4ALL, Generic Low Latency Playback), I can’t seem to get any sound to come out of Dorico, either with the Bose headphones or with the speakers, or with headphones plugged into the headphone output. I have Noteperformer installed (with the temp patch posted by Daniel at the top of the forum), but I can’t any sound from the Halion orchestra either.

Dorico 2 is working fine with the Bose headphones, so something must have changed in the audio engine from version 2 to 3.

To put this in context, Sibelius (latest version) works fine, as well as StaffPad.


Nothing that dramatic changed in the audio engine from version 2 to 3, so if it worked on the Surface in version 2, then I definitely expect it to also work with version 3.

Please create a new project from piano template and add a handful of arbitrary notes. Then go to Play Mode and open the HALion Sonic editor window.
Play with the mouse on the virtual keyboard, does sound come out? Also, while playing on the virtual keyboard, in the top middle of the editor window is a little level meter, does that flicker while you are playing.

Then do Help > Create Diagnostic Report, which creates a zip file on your desktop. Please attach here. Thanks

I have both a Surface Pro 3 and a Surface Pro 5. I am able to use playback in Dorico 3 but only using Halion sounds. NotePerformer still does not work for me on these two computers after multiple attempts. I have tried all the steps outlined here in the forums, and compared my installation folders between these two system and another Windows computer where NotePerformer is playing correctly and there are no differences.

But the audio engine definitely has problems for me as well on Surface Pro computers.

If you can play back with HSSE but not with NotePerformer, that’s not a problem with Dorico’s audio engine: it’s a problem with getting NotePerformer and Dorico talking to one another, which is unfortunately harder than it should be at the moment, due to the changes we made to the way playback templates work in Dorico 3. I don’t know when Arne’s next NotePerformer update will be ready, but when it arrives it promises to solve these problems. I’m sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.

Thanks Daniel … no, it’ s not a NotePerformer issue, I can’t get any playback with HHSE and Dorico 3 either.

I think it’s a hardware issue with the Surface Pro. I have several different computers, here is current status quo.

  1. Windows 7 laptop, built in 2009

a. Dorico 2: ok
b. Dorico 3: ok
c. Sibelius latest version: ok
d. Sibelius 7.5: ok
d. Reaper: ok
e. Pro Tools: ok

  1. Surface Pro

a. Dorico 2: ok
b. Dorico 3: no
c. Sibelius: ok
d. Reaper: no
e. StaffPad: ok

  1. Windows 7 desktop, custom built 2008

a. PT 10: ok
b. PT 11: ok
c. Reaper: ok
d. Sibelius: probably great but haven’t tried
e. Dorico: not installed

I think it’ s a hardware issue with the Surface, the Surface wasn’t designed for pro audio.

It’s nifty and very portable, but it runs hot etc.

A very cool computer, still. Maybe the latest version has better hardware.

I have a SP3 which I’ve used with Dorico 2 and 3 with minimal issues. I did struggle a bit to get Dorico and Reaper working at the same time (I think I managed in the end, but it never seemed to work reliabily, and I ended up going with an external interface which solved the problem), and I did have an issue where the sound would only come out of speakers but not out of headphones, regardless of the option that I selected in the playback devices. An external interface is worth considering, although it does swallow up your one USB port if you don’t have a Surface Dock.

If you are having problems getting any audio out then please go through some of the steps in the Troubleshooting video from around 12:00 to 14:30

This has also to do with settings on the Windows side, not only the Generic Low Latency Driver (GLLD). In the device properties of the Speakers, under the Advanced tab you have to untick the option for allowing applications to take exclusive control. And then untick that similar option in the GLLD driver panel. Then it works as expected.

I’ve been able to make it work, using the Bose headphones and ASIO4ALL, and the Halion sounds. See screenshot below of the exact settings for ASIO4ALL.

NotePerformer doesn’t work, by the way, I keep getting error messages that sample rates below 44.1 are not supported (even though the outputs selected are 44.1 khz). Oh well.

In the Device Setup dialog, have you tried reasserting the sample rate by changing to e.g. 48, waiting a few seconds and then back to 44.1?
Sometimes it helps in such cases.

Well, guess what … I started up Dorico today and now it’s working fine on my Surface Pro, both with Halion and NotePerformer. And I hadn’t changed any settings.

And it appears to work with Reaper as well, using the Generic Low Latency Driver by Steinberg.

Computers are weird sometimes.

Maybe Surface Pro built-in mic only works under sample rates lower than 44100Hz.
In the GLL ASIO Driver settings I suggest you to disable the microphone input.