Surface Pro = A smarter, better Cubase


I suspect the trend toward mobility is on Steinberg’s mind. Here are suggestions I have to improve User Experience moving forward. Parts of this are surface specific, but only easy-to-do parts. The bigger tasks would improve mobility in general.

1) An eLicencer and Audio Interface (combined into one dongle).
The dongle needs two ports: 1) headphone jack 2) an input 3.5mm or a breakout to an optional box for inputs.
Personally, I don’t even need the inputs. I just want an ASIO interface with solid drivers for sample library playback. Then again, personally I’d get rid of dongles altogether. But this would at least satisfy what users want as well as protecting your product.

2) The piano roll and other edit windows optimized for pen-input, pen buttons, touch, etc.
This includes notation once Daniel’s team is done and their work is used to improve Cubase.

3) Create a Lemur-like pad for the Surface, tailored to Cubase features.
In a world that has eyes on mobility, this would be a cheap way to make a powerful mobile workstation.

Between these and more robust macro options within Cubase, I’d be set for life! I’m not asking for much. :wink: