Surface Studio, the ultimate Dorico machine?


pen input, Surface Dial (note durations…), hi-res screen, the works?
If Steinberg wants to make waves (and get a spot in a MS presentation a la StaffPad one day…), why not support this stuff from 2.0?


Do pros actually use Surface? I’m honestly asking, I have no idea if anyone trusts its selling points for serious work — though I have the idea Philip Rothman does.

the Surface Studio is a new all-in-one desktop announced today, distinct from the Surface tablets but part of the same brand

I’m sure Steinberg won’t develop anything that’s not available for both OS platforms…

That might unfortunately be the case… :cry:

Never a rule without exception: Have a look at Cubasis, we only have this for iOS :wink:

+1 I want, I want!

“Do pros actually use Surface?”

The Surface Studio is a workstation. It’s a desktop. It’s the future whether old timer pros get on board with it or not. Younger folks aren’t going to stick with companies that don’t support the hardware they want to use. It’s that simple. With respect to the poor guy who’s name gets thrown around everywhere… I don’t care what Zimmer uses; I care about what I use.

Nor will this “older folk”. On the other hand, do I want to spend $3000 to $4000 to buy “the thinnest touchscreen on the market” just because it’s thin, or do I want to spend that sort of money on a seriously powerful computer (or even two) and keep using my current perfectly good monitors for another few years? (Prices taken from

I’m also not going to buy this anytime soon, but somebody will!
Maybe we’re all going to be surprised by e.g. Cubase 9, but I can easily imagine working with a DAW mixer on a 28" touchscreen like that! And using the Surface Dial to adjust settings and whatnot…
These new UI paradigms need to be embraced by Hi-tech companies like Steinberg, not only for the wow factor, but simply for better workflow.
Seriously, In another thread I was asking for all kinds of shenanigans with the mouse wheel adjusting the grid and stuff, but if I could use the Surface Pen inputting notes with one hand and have the Surface Dial choose note lengths in a dynamically adjusted grid, that would be science fiction right there!
It wouldn’t even have to be like StaffPad at all, since that is another whole layer on top of everything, of course…

I have a pretty powerful machine myself with which I’m very happy, but the possibilities that something like this opens up should not be underestimated, especially by Steinberg!


Enough with the seductive talk, alright? :wink:

Sorry age the age remark. All I meant was that there’s more market than just industry professionals.

Personally, I need to replace my VEP slaves with dual Xeon boards with 128GB each, just to barely scrape by with the “core Spitfire/VSL (Time-Stretch-enabled-max-polyphony/quality) orchestra” plus Berlin Brass in the coming months. So believe me, I understand there are more important things to do than get a shiny new toy. And before I do any of that, I have to buy a Dorico Christmas present for myself. Priorities!


I believe this particular machine is very specifically aimed at the graphics crowd, so the competition isn’t against a similarly spec’d computer but a similarly spec’d drawing monitor called the Wacon Cintiq. Apparently when you compare the price of that peripheral AND a hefty computer, the value becomes much clearer. I daresay it would be a little overkill for our needs in a music notation environment at the moment.

Let me put the words in the right order :
“Pros do actually use Surface” :wink:

Is this the only thing you noted about this product ?

Seriously, I hope, as Daniel said, that some day in the future they will get in touch with StaffPad developers to bring the most natural way of writing notes to Dorico.

Staffpad isn’t all it’s cracked up to be imho.

It’s a lovely idea and I use it on the very rare occasion but the input speed/accuracy is so slow for me - it is almost pointless. I’m am admittedly very messy though, and that’s why for notation purposes I have used Step input with a midi keyboard for 20 years… now Dorico has improved the experience of that to the next level over Fin/Sib. :slight_smile:

I think StaffPad has a loooong way to go before it’s going to get anywhere close to matching that (outside of the fact that the Staff Pad doesn’t offer pro engraving options or output).

I have a Surface Pro 3 as a laptop and although I don’t think there has been much integration planned for these devices from Dorico’s side, the touch screen and pen aid in workflow already.

The Surface line is already pretty darn good for music applications (although pro 4 had teething issues) and Surface Studio will extend that as programs get on board with touch screen friendly input. Check out a youtube channel called molten music technology for extensive Surface Pro related audio stuff.

Good thoughts all,

however, my original post wasn’t really about StaffPad as a program at all, but rather about the need for Steinberg to stay ahead of the curve and make use of emerging technologies as they arrive and support as many different ways to input creative ideas into a computer as possible, rather than forcing one way over the other…
The Surface Studio surely would make notation quite a bit sexier again…


For now… :sunglasses: …makes no sense to keep touch input away from the real computers, right…? :wink:

No - but one reason I’ve never owned an Apple product is because I wanted to buy a computer, not a fashion accessory.

I’m with you, but nice tools DO inspire… :wink:


StaffPad already there…?

Yup, it’s one of their signature apps for the launch…

But again, StaffPad is not the point, the point is Steinberg getting with the program… actually, I feel like continuing this thread in the Cubase forum… :wink:


Up until the Dorico release, the plan was, to get more familiar with Notion on the iPad with the Apple Pencil, and export via XML to Sibelius. That will now happen with Dorico.

As an aside, that will be the detail that makes the MacBook Pro unnecessary for my rig. Sibelius is the only reason I’ve switch it on, for the last three months.

I say all of that to say, that Dorico on iOS would be sweet, while they work on doing the code for the “big screen” Surface Pro folks. :mrgreen: