Surfer EQ2 and WL9Pro problems

To continue the growing list of plug ins not working correctly within WL9:
Sound Radix Surfer EQ2 VST3 version shows a blank screen and the VST2 version doesn’t show the EQ curves and is not resizeable (which it is in Nuendo or Cubase Pro).
OSX 10.10.5, WL9.0.25

SoundRadix SurferEQ2 VST2 causes WaveLab to crash 100% of the time on my system:

SoundRadix SurferEQ2 VST3 works for me without problems.

Sound Radix Surfer EQ2 VST3 version 2.0.1 doesn’t do anything (no input shown, no pitch detection, etc.) in WaveLab 9.0.35 on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.

Sound Radix Surfer EQ2 VST2 version 2.0.1 continues to crash WaveLab 9.0.35 100% on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.

Cubase did a fix for JUCE

Then JUCE might have inadvertently fixed at least one thing for Wavelab in the latest JUCE version

Are none of the plugin makers using the latest version of JUCE ? That discussion never resolved.

This is Tal from SoundRadix.

The related link about Cubase isn’t related since Wavelab is a different product.
We’ve got some reports of SurferEQ 2 crashing. Our upcoming maintenance release of SurferEQ 2 seems to resolve issues with Wavelab compatibility.

For anyone having problems I’d strongly recommend contacting our support. we’ll do our best to get you up and running quickly.

Thank you.

  • In addition, SurferEQ uses OpenGL directly and it is a requirement for a proper modern OpenGL driver and graphics card.
    We have seen some faulty drivers making SurferEQ 2 crash (which isn’t related to specific host).