Yesterday, I walked into Sam Ash’s Manhattan location fully intending on buying the 6.0 upgrade only to find that Sam Ash doesn’t carry the Cubase Upgrade. :imp:

So I decide to putz around since I don’t go there as often as I did when I worked at the other end of the block. :laughing: I go to the bass section because I’ve been jonesing for a fretless and like to dream that I’ll be able to justify the purchase, and as I’m looking for the (few) fretless basses they have I’m asked if I need some help by an older gentleman who is tuning a few Fender basses.

“Sure,” I say and he gets me a cheap Squire fretless (I might as well buy cheap for my first one), tells me about the features (esp. the good pickups on it), and hooks me up with an amp to fiddle with it. We start chatting about things, and after a good 5m of conversation then he tells me that he’s Larry Hartke.

I was blown away since he was so down to earth I thought he was a store employee. After he told me that, then we started talking about the fun stuff like when he built Jaco his first cabinet; how he worked with Miles Davis; etc. He and I were the only ones in the bass section of the store, so it was a very good chat.



You got a horseshoe hidden someplace? :wink: Good thing you didn’t get to the haggling before he ID’ed himself! :astonished:

Did you buy the bass?


The greats always seem to gravitate towards the short blond fillys.

He wears shades indoors and has a hairy hair lip.

She is Susan Minogue, the Ayres Rock mutant who has a rather frenzied wart on her fibula.

:laughing: No. I can’t afford a bass under $300 even when I have 6 months to pay. Not right now.

Paul: you live in the NYC area? That acoustic room looks like the one at Sam Ash.

I’d love to share in your joy and excitement, but I have no idea who Larry Hartke is… :confused: :wink:

Ian’s been living under a hemisphere! :wink:


I just noticed that Hartke is owned by…Samson???

I never respected Samson much as a quality brand, though I own their headphone amplifier. (After all, for my purposes I don’t need a high end piece of equipment for this.)

That’s because it is Sam Ash :slight_smile:

No I don’t live in the NYC area. If I did I’d be trimming the goatees of mummy’s boys ( Long story :slight_smile: )

More likely it is Tal Wilkenfeld.

I saw her playing with Jeff Beck, and I thought it was his daughter.

Hi Bill - thanks for identifying that person …

I just checked on Youtube

Tal Wilkenfeld - Serendipity

:astonished: :open_mouth: :applause:

All the best