Surprising harmonics in 5.1.32

I updated to 5.1.32 and now I can once again edit staff labels. Many Tks!
However, I notice that harmonics can now be surprisingly “persistent”…
E.g. When a note is ‘removed’ by changing the duration of the preceding note, its harmonic symbol remains… But it’s not a big deal: the DEL key does the job.

Surprising harmonics.dorico (542.0 KB)

Yes, harmonics are playing techniques, and so (for better or worse) exist independently of notes. This is very useful if you need a playing technique to change partway through a sounding note, but not so useful in this situation.

I see… hence, the same for up bow, down bow or even pizz. markings.
Accents, however, don’t behave that way, so I guess they are “articulations”? Fine line to be experienced, I guess since keyswitches are probably used in all cases (maybe it has something to do with velocity?).
Tks, Daniel.

That’s right, articulations are intrinsic parts of notes, whereas playing techniques are not, so they behave differently.

It is also possible to apply harmonics as part of the note itself, from the properties panel: Turning notes into harmonics

Great! That’s even better (e.g. being able to select from Natural or Artificial).
Many Thanks, Richard!