Surround Mastering In Wavelab 7

I am using Wavelab 7. Will my stereo plugins automatically work to master a 5.1 session in the master section? I want to use the same plugins to work on all the tracks at once. I don’t want to use the f/x section on each track.
When I use the master section plugins they only affect the L and R tracks and not the other 4 tracks (c,lfe,ls,rs).
What’s the best way to master a 5.1 session without having surround plugins or using just the stereo plugins.

You have to use a surround plugin in the Master Section, not in the montage.

For some simple tasks you might also want to check out the Batch-Processor Meta-Pass Plugins
Meta Normalizer and Meta Leveler.
They work just fine for me on multichannel files.

Thanks Philippe!

Does the wavelab plugin set have independent channel parameter operation, or is it the same as the Nuendo pluginset with global operation? and if the latter, are there any plans to rectify this please?

Can the master section have snapshot automation?