Surround - Microsoft spec, not Dolby?!?

From the manual: “In Nuendo, the order of surround busses and side busses follows the specification of Microsoft Inc. To meet the Dolby specification for side surround busses and surround rear busses, swap the device ports of surround busses and side busses.”

Um, what? Can we get a hot fix for this please? :unamused:

As said befor: Bollocks.
ITU is the one and only standard which everybody uses except Dolby. And that is changing too.

If you are talking about the channel order in MBwav’s then you are also wrong.
The Metadata within a Multi BWav identifies the channel order. It’s called the Wave extensible format, which is a standard in the Wave specifications.
As far as I know every DAW -Including ProTools & Dolby Devices- can correctly import these BWav’s; so the channels are placed automatically on the correct channels.
For DCP, such a MBWav is even mandatory.


As I replied to you before: "If you are producing for iTunes, Netflix, Prime, etc., you are producing to Dolby specs. If this doesn’t define a “standard,” I don’t know what does… :wink: "

If Nuendo is attempting to become a serious vehicle for Atmos production, then it should properly support the Dolby specification, be it a preference switch or otherwise.

Sorry, but this is not correct.
Here are the facts:

ITunes delivery specs: Expected channels: L, R, C, LFE, Ls, Rs (Video & Audio Guide 5.2 - Page 12)
Netflix delivery specs: L, R, C, LFE, Ls, Rs (OC-3-3 - Section 3.3.1)
Prime delivery specs: ◦6-Channel 5.1 Surround Sound: Left-Right-Center-LFE-Left Surround-Right Surround (Technical specifications/Mezzanine Requirements/Overvieuw/Audio)

And when it comes to Dolby Atmos, the delivery method is through a Dolby Atmos BWAV ADM File.
Which is generated through the Dolby Atmos Home Theatre renderer.



Something is going on here.
We started this discussion the the feature requests section where you talk about 5.1 surround.
When I re-read this thread, it seems that you are talking about Atmos and Atmos only.
Sorry, but this is very confusing. Hence my earlier reply about delivery specs.

On subject:

Nuendo can’t export Dolby ADM files, which are mandatory for delivering Atmos content.
Dolby Atmos delivery files need to be made by the Dolby Renderer. (Home Theatre Renderer or Cinema Renderer)
That is the only way you can guarantee that your mix will translate correctly to any Atmos configuration.
And therefore you need a Dolby hardware renderer.
Although there are claims that you can do this (for broadcast) with the Dolby Mastering Suite…
On Mac only.

Unless I am terribly mistaking …


To put it simply: the manual states quite clearly that for Dolby support, you need to “swap the device ports of surround busses and side busses”. This will be impractical for composers working with many tracks. Why? Correct me if I’m wrong, but AFAIK you can’t change the bus name that appears in the mixer window, even if you’ve swapped the device ports. I don’t like having to pretend “side left” is actually “left surround” and vice versa. It feels like a kludge workaround.

And why I stand by my feature request for proper Dolby bus support for Nuendo.


Can you please point to an official document by Dolby then? One that lays out the specific configuration that Dolby and others require in delivery specifications?

In the Dolby channel order, the sides surrounds appear before the back/rear surrounds. (And this order is what the Atmos Renderer is expecting. See:

Perhaps this was a dev mistake? Dolby calls side surrounds as “surrounds” where in Nuendo “surrounds” refers to the what Dolby calls the “back surrounds.” I can see where it would be very easy to get mixed up here… But given Steinberg’s push to support Atmos, they should fix this asap.


OK, Now it starts to make sense.
Please be clear the next time; it’s not up to us to figure out what you exactly mean.

I don’t know what the reason is that the Nuendo Dolby 9.1 Dolby Output buss configuration is different.
Since every other config is ITU/SMPTE, it is indeed strange that this one, and this one only is not ITU/SMPTE.

That being said, it takes -if you are slow- 30 seconds to swap the channels and save it as a preset.
Compared to the manual assignation of all individual tracks/sends in the Dolby Mastering Suite, this is really a non-issue.

Best regards

This issue is that when you follow the manual’s directions and swap the device ports, the bus name is incorrect in the mixer window. (see screenshots for clarification) Oh, and this for Dolby 7.1 support in general, not just Atmos (again, according to the manual).

Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 3.48.41 PM.png