Surround Not Working (Completely)

Tying to get the surround panner to work correctly. For Instance using SurroundPanner V5, if I drag the dot in the center, around anywhere in the square, the sound should move tpo that speaker. But it doesn’t seem to be working. You can see in the attached screen shot, all 5.1 channels are working (levels). All speakers do work, but no separation.

Windows 8.1
Nuendo 6

Tascam DM4800

Note, all of the other Surround panners don’t work as well (Anytime, etc.)


All of your Divergence parameters are at 100%


Thanks Fredo, how do I change Divergence parameters?

I see them now, sorry (derp) yeah, even if I change those (0-50%) still no help.

The need to be at 0.


When they are at 0, if I move the dot to Surround Left it’s silent, same with Surround Right. I know the speakers are working. They are assigned to Buss 1-7 on the Tascam. Is there any configuration in Nuendo to fix this?

Have you tried if, and how, the surround panners are working in the Nuendo Mixer?
All I can say is that there is no issue known, so probably it’s the way your Tascam “talks” to Nuendo.
Please troubleshoot and take it step by step. Taht’s the only way to find the problem.