Surround Panner does not work

after years I work again with Wavelab (10.0.50). I do not find out how the surround panner works.
I have an audio montage multi channel with 8 channels. In the Channel Output Routing I can choose 6 channels. I do.
And then there should come a small Surround-Channel display, but there is nothing.
With right click, there comes a surround panner window, but anyhow it does not seem to be connected with the clip I want to arrange.
Where is my mistake???

Thanks for help!


Have you checked online or pdf about “Surround Panning” ?

regards S-EH


sorry, but answers like this are not really helpful in a serious forum. Of course I have read the manual and of course I did search online for a solution. Otherwise I would not have written this post.