Surround Panner not writing automation.

I have a JL Cooper Hardware Panner working with the JL Cooper MCS 3800 mix controller in N5.5.2. Nuendo responds…but doesn’t write the automation. The stereo panner on the MCS 3800 does work though. What am I missing?


Have you suspended automation write for those parameters?

I ran into something very similar yesterday, working off my ID console.
I even opened up the lanes to try & see what was happening, and I could see the automation being written, but vanishing as soon as I stopped writing it.
It turned out to be Pilot Error, as opening the automation panel revealed the answer - somehow (and I had definitely not done this so it just might be a default setting) the “To Start” button was highlighted in Blue although not locked.
Cycling through Locked mode to unlit sorted the problem out, and the automation then “took” next time.

(the tracks written in my case were the 4 tracks created in a rotation)

Actually still having this issue. Nothing is suspended other than mute automation, and the write and read buttons on the lanes in question are grayed out. LR pan works, but not F to R

Very odd.
F-R automation working great here - I use this all the time and would be devastated if it broke…

Hi Friends,
I’m purchasing a “JL COOPER MCS - PANNER”, equipment used, and would like to know if you can give me a help in configuting this gadget to operate with midi connection, like surround panner joystick in Nuendo 7.