Surround Panner window issue


I encountered an annoying issue last night. It was a whole mixing night, everything had to be ready in early morning…

5.1 surround setup, W7-64bit, Nuendo5.5.3

I was working since some hours, created a new track as I’d been doing many times before, output it to 5.1 bus. I double-clicked on track’s small surround pan to open the Surround panner main window but nothing happened any more. I tried on any other track, even stereo pans, but no pan window opened.

I checked “windows” pop-up menu, pan windows were showed as opened ones… In the same menu, I minimized all windows and all minimized windows bars were on left bottom corner of monitor. I could drag the reduced windows bars eveywhere but the only yhing I could do was to close them. That’s it, no pan window anymore.

I tried to reinstall N5.5 with no success. I even restored system disk with a 3 day backup. No way. I tried to open the project in 5.1. Seemed to work, some previously opened pan windows could be seen. As soon as I double clicked on any pan area, windows disapeared for ever…

I opened a new project, thinking my current project was corrupted, nope… I updated the Nvidia graphic driver, no change.

So, here we are, pan windows can’t be opened anymore. I finished the mix with tracks automation parameters, not that easy…

Did anybody encounter this kind of issue ? Thanks !

Ok, picked up a “Default” user file in one of the system backups I did. Everything’s back to normal now…

Ok, I’m working on a 5.1 project again… Surround panner window still can’t be found. This has to see with default.xml file. Last time I could erase Default file and drag an older one from some backup. I don’t have any available any more now.

When setting a 5.1 output bus, sending track output to 5.1 bus, surround panner is displayed in console track (minimized) and in inspector but NO WAY to open the plugin window !!

The only way is to erase the Default file and set up all preferences manually :frowning:(

What the hell can it be???

Sounds seriously weird to me.
I can let you have a defaults XML file from a W7 64-bit setup if it will help?

Sorry, I’ve been back to work since that as I found a turnaround, didn’t see your post… Thank you, I ended up with the default thing, as I picked one up from my backup HD… Weird issue, I didn’t work with 5.1 since that so I don’t know if it’s still there with new updates…

So, back again, this issue is still there with N5.5.5

I tried to pickup old Defaults files like I did last year. Unfortunately it didn’t solve the problem this time. Erasing the Default file and launching Nuendo makes Surround Panner is instantly available. But I’m just loosing the whole default setup indeed :frowning:

Let’s sum up : After a while, pan windows can’t be opened. Double-clicking on track’s pan should open pan window (stereo or SurroundPan or SurroundPannerV5). It doesn’t any more. Having double clicked on tracks pan and opening “windows” menu, relative track’s panner is displayed on opened windows list then, but it’s actually not there. When minimizing all windows in windows menu, minimized panner can be seen with other minimized windows. Maximizing then makes pan window disappears.

The only way top solve this has been to replace Default file by an early one. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it work anymore, last solution is to erase Default file and to setup all preferences again…

Did anyone experience this?

This serious and boring issue is still occuring, again and again.

After trying to pickup some old Defaults file with no success, I saved all preferences I could and deleted Defaults file then. Relaunched Nuendo and manually reinstalled all preferences. I could open panners windows then.

Well, how long did it work, I just don’t know. But it doesn’t work anymore today. SurroundPannerV5 windows are displayed in opened windows list, but just non visible, as ever.

Deleted Defaults once more. Copied the last one I saved, renamed it to “Defaults.xml”, pan windows are back… for a little while I guess.

Anybody using pan windows ?