Surround Panning Solution

Hi all.

I am looking for a hardware/touchscreen solution for surround panning and to be honest, I am
near despair…

The JLCooper controllers are quite expensive.
The IC Pro App doesn’t support surround panning at all (why not???)

So the solution I was thinking about, is a simple touchscreen.
When searching for this, I stumbled upon the Dtouch website.

My question is: do I really need this type of software to control Nuendo, or can I just take any multi-touch screen and use it with Nuendo WITHOUT software like DTouch?

And how is the response latency wise?

Please someone help me out!

Try Cubase IC Pro on iPad.


does that have more functionality than the iphone version, including a surround panner?

No It doesn’t unless that changed in this latest version.

Personally I have a lot more use of a touch screen surround panned and a touch screen plugin interface than I ever did using touch screen faders, so I find the focus of the app a bit unappealing at this time.

Most of the time I use a hardware controller S5MC. But when working in a studio without it I have a custom Liine Lemur iPad setup that can among other things control the panner. Unfortunately just a few controls of the panner are available as generic midi control so it’s use is pretty basic, and my lemur programming skills are not advanced enough to figure out if there are was I can circumvent that.
But it may be possible if you can assign quick controls to the panner, I have not tried that.

So no at this time there are no good choices for controlling multichannel pan.
Steinberg really should look at spanner and the iPad integration. That is how it should be done.

If you are still interested, I am currently working on my own development for our Nuage. The device can also be built into its own housing.
Here are some pictures of the first version. The final device will be black.

Thanks for the link, arteffect!

You could try the free PT | Control App for iPad, with the Eucon protocol. I think there’s a XY panner in it.

Am I nuts or did a usb video game joystick used to work for this?