Surround panning when sending to a 5.1 group channel


I’m trying to see if there’s a resolution to an issue I’ve encountered when trying to make a 5.1 mix out of an originally 2.0 mix.

I have each instrument grouped by instrument (ie: 6 individual guitar tracks routing to one guitar group channel, 12 drum tracks going to one drum group channel, etc). I’ve changed each group to the 5.1 output matrix and the surround panner comes up no problem. However when I go to the individual tracks that route to the 5.1 group, there is no surround panner - it just seems to come up with an alternate stereo panner.

My question is - is there any way I can route specific tracks pre-group (IE: GTR-TRK1 panned full front left, GTR-TRK2 panned full front right, GTR-TRK3 panned full left surround, GTR-TRK4 panned full right surround, GTR-TRK5 panned half-front/surround left, GTR-TRK6 panned half-front/surround right) which then ultimately lead to the 5.1 panned group channel? Or is my methodology wrong? The reason I want them all panned to one group is so that I can put a light surround compressor on the group mix as a whole.


I need to know the same thing :slight_smile:

After going through all the steps, I found the solution to my problem. Just create a new group channel after all the VST-Connections are set up. You need to set it to “5.1” or “Quadro” or whatever configuration you need here. If you then route all the instruments to that new channel, the surround-panner appears. This works for me in Cubase 9 Pro - not sure for older versions.