Surround problem

Hi everyone

I have a weird problem with audio going to my surround speakers when there should be nothing?

I have some sound effects on stereo tracks that I send to a surround group track. My surround group track is panned all the way to the front

However when I play audio throught this group track, I get bleed in the back.

My group goes to my 5.1 Master out which goes to my RME Fireface UC to which my monitors are connected via output 1-6.

I do not think the problem is with my sound card as i can see levels on my Nuendo meters before anything goes out.

Any ideas pls?

Im working in N5.5.4 32bit in Win Pro 7 64bit Intel i7 3.3 and 8gig ram



alo alo

perhaps check the matrix in the RME DSP mixer for any signals bleeding thru. I had a smililar problem once, and that turned out to be some channels going to channels they were not suppose to go to.
you find the matrix under the menu “view”.

hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi Janno.
Try checking the panner to be certain the track in question is only routed to the front - the default is actually F50 - which is not all the way front, which would be F.

Another way to get the sound in only the pair you want is to open the F4 setup window & create child busses in the 5.1 master output (I always make one for Stereo L-R and another for stereo Ls-Rs)

Finally - I have to ask - why run the 32-bit version on a 64-bit OS with 8GB of RAM?