Surround Set 2 and DDE Nightmare

Hi All,

I am having a bit of a nightmare with installing my Surround 2 and Dolby Digital Encoder Plug ins.

I have Win 7 64 Bit on my main PC and this would not let me install The Surround Set 2.

I then decided to rebuild my old pc and set it up with Windows XP. I was able to install the Surround 2 plug ins but Dolby Digital Encoder says that it will only work with Nuendo 2 and will not install.

Ideally, i would like both to be installed on my main PC (Win 7 64).

Can anyone suggest how i may either get this software working or is there another way to at least bounce DD files ready for use in Abode Creative suite?

Many Thanks,


Sadly, my friend, you are in the same place I am - screwed.
The UniCode versions of the DDE & DDD will install on W7 systems, and into N4 & N5.5 as well, but they simply do not work at all. Same story with the DTS ones - our investment there is well dead, and I recommend keeping an XP system alive for this sort of stuff. You do need the UniCode installer from the downloads pages though.
I’d also advise against encoding from Adobe Premiere unless you have bought the SurCode plugin, as the stock one included with Encore is a consumer grade piece of junk & only works in stereo. The Nuendo DDE outputs properly Dolby Compliant streams, and will work well with Encore.

The Surround Edition will install - I have managed it - but both the LFE tools do not work.
OctoMaxx still seems okay, OctoQ was always buggy.
About all we really have these days for decent surround tools are Voxengo - very few others give anything like the same level of control and/or quality we had with the surround edition (including Waves 360 Native Bundle)

Thanks so much for your reply.

Unfortunately i am in 64 bit so this won’t work on my main system. If the worst comes to the worst i can install the 32 bit Nuendo on my laptop and use it from there i guess.

Is there another way i can export surround files from Nuendo (ready for Adobe)?

Thanks Again,


You can export surround files easily enough, but not in any way that Adobe’s Encore DVD will understand.
The DD encoder in Encore is a consumer grade one and only handles stereo - and that not very well, with the result that encoded files from that cannot carry the DD logo on packaging as it is from a non compliant product.

There are, the way I understand it, 3 options:
1 - Use an older version of Nuendo installed just for using the DDE/DDD (this is what we have done)
2 - Use a standalone DDE tool, such as the SurCode one (we have the encoder bundled with Scenarist SD as well, but it is far from a high quality one as it only accepts a 16-bit file whereas the Nuendo DDE will happily run from a 24-bit file, giving you a much better encoding - the SurCode encoder is one that will take 24-bit files though)
3 - Activate the SurCode encoder in Premiere Pro, and bring in the 6 mono WAV files from Nuendo as an OMF or as 6 separate items into the Bin, and encode from there - the options are identical to the Nuendo DDE with the main difference being no decoder is installed as you get with the Nuendo item)

The SurCode encoder in Premiere Pro will be your cheapest option as it is around $150.