Surround Sound and Optical Output

Hello, dear Steinberg Employees and Forum Users

I’ve recently bought Cubase 6 as well as a Steinberg MR816.

I’ve successfully created my Music in Stereoand it works perfectly fine to have it put out through the MR816 to two monitors.

My question now is:

When I want to work with 5.1 surround sound (also the new panning features in Cubase 6), how can I get all the 6 Channels out of my MR816? Would I need 6 monitors then? Is it even possible to have “live” surround sound or do I have to save the file first?

Is there even a possibility within Cubase to export a 5.1 audio file?

And the last question is:

How can I get my usual Stereo Signal out through the MR816 Optical Output? And can I send 5.1 Signal through this output as well?

Thank you for helping me out, guys!!


I don’t understand it’s more than 2 years and no replies?

Did you get answers?

Basically I wanted similar answers. But use fw410 and wanted to know if I connect my sound card’s optical out to a home theatre’s political in, can I or how to assign cause to send 5.1 through s\pdif or optical connection? Or is it a windows setting?

You can route output 1-6 of the MR816 as a 5.1 path with appropriately connected speakers (6 of them) of course.

the 816 is deigned to use its analogue outputs for surround, this is not a ‘consumer’ device.

If you want to use a cheap and cheerful method for surround mixing with a consumer system then I’d say use the HDMI output from your video card and the windows rather than ASIO drivers.


Ironically, S/PDIF is the consumer version of digital audio interconnect. :wink:

(Wasn’t trying to start an argument, merely pointing out the irony of digital audio.)

SPDIF is only consumer due to it not being balanced like AES.


Cheers, mate! :slight_smile: