Surround spec support for Dolby

For consistency with industry standards in post and music, as well as between Cubase and Nuendo 5.1 sessions, please fix Nuendo’s surround bussing to support the Dolby specification, rather than the spec from Microsoft.

From the manual: “In Nuendo, the order of surround busses and side busses follows the specification of Microsoft Inc. To meet the Dolby specification for side surround busses and surround rear busses, swap the device ports of surround busses and side busses.”

ITU is the one and only standard.
Dolby is the one exception, and even they are slowly moving to ITU.


If you are producing for iTunes, Netflix, Prime, etc., you are producing to Dolby specs. If this doesn’t define a “standard,” I don’t know what does… :wink:

Nevertheless, I will refine my request to ask Steinberg to please include an option in preferences for Nuendo to work within the Dolby specifications.

I am going to close this one.
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