Surveillance State

Hi folks,

I posted this on the old forum. So, in case you missed it, here it is again.

They’re watching us all the time !

Great satirical pop tune! Nice mix – balances are perfect (a lot of posters seem to mix drums too far back – yours are just right).

I assume you’re a Brit, what with all the cameras you guys have now, watching you. It’s coming here, too

Excellent. Cool vocals - ELOish.
I like the drums up, as well.

Thanks folks. Yes, I’m a Brit and we have more cameras watching us than any other country in the world. But, they tell us it’s to keep us all safe. And, before you ask, no it hasn’t ACTUALLY cut crime - they just tell us it’s for our safety!

I’m a bit Brit myself, and was wondering why it is you let it get so out of hand?

The same old reasons always get trotted out. i.e. cameras stop crime! Well, some bad crime has happened in the UK over Xmas and video camera fotage is available - yet, nobody has been caught yet!