Survey about integrating Cubase and Dorico

Here’s a survey that Steinberg is putting out there about integrating Cubase and Dorico. It asks some really good questions so now’s your chance to make your voice heard!


Thanks for posting it.

(Somewhat surprised Matthias didn’t post it here too)

This survey will also be sent out via email this weekend, and I was going to wait until the email was sent before posting about it here, but Matthias had other ideas!

I couldn’t wait for the first feedback! Sorry…

I didn’t mention this when I filled out the survey, but I would be happy to switch from Studio One to Cubase… but the expression maps would also need to be plug-and-play as well.

I realize expression maps can be done with some learning, but I’d rather wait for some of that to be further developed. I want the process of external VSTs to be as seamless as NotePerformer. Then I’ll gladly switch to Cubase.

Ditto Dan, although I am already a Cubase user. Dorico has come a LONG way with VST playback, but it’s still needs some further development that will make the process of creating and implementing Expression Maps less tedious, more intuitive, and more straightforward. I am so grateful for the efforts of the Dorico team so far, but I too look forward to the VST processes being more seamless, more like NotePerformer. I am confident things will be improved…over time.

The survey didn’t like me. After answering only two questions I was ejected from it with a perfunctory word of thanks!

(Maybe because I’ve never used a DAW and don’t even know how they work? Just guessing.)

Interesting survey!
There were quite a lot of very precise questions.
At some point I was not sure what it was about and I noticed that I was writing features request for both programs and mostly for Dorico.

BTW The fully white background of the survey really hurted my eyes (older man here) it was much too bright and it began to blind my eyes!

It is a good sign that the survey exists! I’m a DP and Logic user, but bought Cubase Pro last year in the hope of workflow integration with Dorico.

I am a logic user to. I take it the survey is not aimed specifically at people already using Dorico and acunase then?



Hello crews behind Dorico and Cubase,

Pretty good survey! :slight_smile: Congratulations!

Now we hope to see all these ideas realized and to have one much more powerful system that involves
both Dorico and Cubase! :slight_smile:

Best regards,

I hope the integration of Cubase and Dorico works also between Nuendo and Dorico. Would it be?

prko hello,
Most probably there will be an integration with Nuendo, too, but first this will happen with Cubase.
As you may know at Steinbeg they have this “policy” to do the things first in Cubase and a bit later in Nuendo. :slight_smile:

Best wishes,

I realize I am receiving multiple notices of the Dorico/Cubase survey: once on each help forum and again via an e-mail. Does this mean one can or should take the survey multiple times, and if not, are any controls in place to prevent overzealous participants from skewing the results?

I believe the QuestionPro site that we use has some protections in place to stop multiple submissions, but in any case I can’t imagine that there are enough people out there willing to fill out a survey multiple times in such a way that would skew the results. In any case, we don’t consider this survey an act of direct democracy: our product development does not follow a democratic process. We in the product management and engineering teams within the company will use the survey as an input into our decision-making process, but we will not treat its outcomes as a mandate.

Thank you so much for asking users what would help them!


It struck me as more qualitative than quantitative - hopefully you get some good feedback.

I just filled out the survey, and as a long-time Cubase+Sibelius user, I am getting ready to switch to a Cubase+Dorico user when they implement the integration. For me the survey was too detailed, and could have just asked if I want them to run in sync or something like that, and one question would have been enough. But there are other types of users, so I appreciate their desire to get everyone’s opinion. What I wonder is if they are going to make Cubase more Dorico-like (by updating the score editor) or Dorico more Cubase-like (by further expanding the midi/vst/daw functions) or just let them run in sync. If they run in sync I hope that any Dorico stave can be routed to a Cubase track, and vice-versa, but that is rather obvious. What would be even cooler is if either program could just open up inside the other, each a plugin to the other, in the same way that you can now run Melodyne via ARA in Cubase. So Dorico would be a score editor in Cubase, and Cubase would be a midi/vst editor in Dorico. You would have to buy both programs, which is fine, but only need to load up one to start depending on your workflow, and then the other would be available whenever you need it. The thing I will miss when I leave Sibelius are all the plugins that I have come to rely upon, and I wonder if Dorico has this or plans to (I only tried the 30 day trial and didn’t check this). Anyway, the integration they are planning has been long-anticipated by a lot of people.