Survey Outrage!


I’m very disappointed to login to find out a Survey was sent out, only to find out it was ended only a week later. What I love about the Making Notes blog is that it is ongoing. I’ve seen first hand that Daniel Spreadbury is constnatly listening to input. Apparently with Cubase, Steinbergs ears get tired after a week? The week before NAMM no less? (when fewer numbers pay attention)

Given the recent user complaints on this forum about features that don’t address users, I have to say that limiting the pool size of a survey seems like the exact opposite of what Steinberg should be doing right now.

Having managed a support team for a software developer, I’ve had the opportunity to work with customers, then design and programming. If there is one thing I know, it’s that when feedback is a one-hit-wonder then failure is sure to follow. Feedback MUST be ongoing.

Please, keep listening to users. My voice didn’t have the opportunity to contribute. If Steinberg is genuine about improving Cubase, then Steinberg needs to be genuine about listening users.

-Sean :angry:

This video not only illustrates how the development cycle needs to get continuous input, but also how software can get bloated with more menus, toolbars, and buttons and one of the most successful UI approaches to simplifying that experience.

While Cubase is complex, I’ve managed to learn it well enough to make do. But if user input is a serious concern right now, I’d suggest looking at what you do after you get that input as well.

Good luck!