Sus2sus4 notation

Is there a way to get the sus2 above the sus4 in a sus2sus4 chord notation? When I’m writing 8 bars in a system the current notation (i.e. Fsus2sus4) almost takes up the space of a whole bar (and it looks confusing).

There’s no built-in option for this kind of appearance, I’m afraid, no, but you should be able to edit the appearance of the chord to your liking via Library > Chord Symbols. You’ll need to edit the appearance independently for each root note.

O wow… That’s gonna take a lot of time…
Can I suggest this as a future request?

You can also take a chord symbol you aren’t using in the project, like perhaps a modal symbol, and redefine it to be the way you want the sus42 to look. At least that way you can have a global change rather than having to edit every single root. You’ll just have to input the other symbol in the popover and then it will appear correctly. (This is assuming you don’t care about chord symbol playback.)