How do I get the right chord symbols for this:

So far I get this (Shift-Q, A4sus, A):

Is it possible to get the 3 appear?
dorico 4-3.png
original 4-3.png

You have to fake it with text, I’m afraid.

Thank you LSalgueiro:


You could also add an actual A major chord symbol at that point and hide it via the ‘Hide chord symbol’ property, in case the playback of the chord symbols is important to you.

@Daniel: I hope it’s ok to resurrect this old thread, but I’d like to know if this is still unsupported in Dorico Pro 3.5, and if so, whether there are any plans to support it in one of the next versions.

This functionality is unchanged in 3.5.

Just came across this problem again - any news I’ve missed on this front?

No, there’s no news. You can still do the same thing as before, i.e. edit the chord symbol individually in Engrave mode to remove the root.

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