Susp. Cymbal using open diamond and ornate cross noteheads

I have a score which shows a suspended cymbal using open diamonds and ornate crosses in the notation. There are rolls (three line tremolo) using the open diamonds ending with an ornate cross quarter note with a l.v. at the end. There are also rolls using the ornate cross throughout. Most single hits are ornate crossed with or without l.v. tie.

Is anyone familiar what techniques the two noteheads indicate? My library has top, bell and edge hit options. So I hope it is one of them.

No luck yet finding what the notation combination means. I did not find it in Elaine Goulds huge reference work Behind Bars. An impressive book on how engraved scores should look like.

What I suspect is that the roll has to start in the middle bell side, the open diamond, and end at the edge, the x.

No, the diamond is just how you show a cross on half or whole notes.
How else could you tell the note value.
In orchestral music you usually use regular noteheads and no crosses.
Most used for drum kits or to show that it’s a metal instrument.
Nothing to do with bell or edge.


Thanks Jesper, Yes that is probably it. Below the score extract as I have it on pdf

and the way Dorico shows it if I use an X for the ½ note.

Dorico by default uses the double lined open X instead of the open diamond for notes longer than ¼

Yes, but I don’t think I have ever seen that double lined open X anywhere.
That’s not to say they don’t exist, but not common anyway.
There are other X noteheads in Dorico that use a diamond.


These noteheads have been discussed several times in the past few years. The second link gives the method for undoing the x noteheads, and the third discusses issues with “larger” vs. “default” noteheads. (The “larger” are the actual default!)

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Many thanks, The last in the list of noteheads for percussion instruments is the combination of x and diamonds (finally I know the meaning of this combination) and now the above phrase looks as the original.

I also flipped the ties like in the orginal.

Looking good. I notice the downbeat of bar 177 also has tremolo. I just want to mention that since it doesn’t match the others.

Yes indeed I corrected it. Thanks