‘Suspend audio device in the background’ - Where did it go?

I recently bought a new M1 Mac mini. Installed a fresh version of Dorico 3.5.12 on it. And as the title states, I cannot seem to find the ‘Suspend audio device in the background’ in the preferences menu. Did this change?

My only concern is that my screen saver turned on while leaving the computer to complete some chores. This behavior was not experienced on my Mac Pro (Intel, of course). On my other machine, Dorico stays open with no screen saver, no sleeping, etc. I wanted to make sure that Dorico would not let the computer sleep while in use, and began searching for this. I have been unable to find this function.


Hi Robby
I don’t think Dorico will let your mac go to sleep, providing you make sure Dorico is the active app.
If it’s not, then the behavior set in your mac os preferences shall prevail. But these are assumptions, as I am still Intel’d…

Thanks Marc! I appreciate it.

But I remember there being an actual check box in the preferences to turn on or off this function. I certainly do not want my Mac to sleep while running Dorico. That’s why I searched the preferences, but I cannot seem to find it to double check.


Is this thread of any help to you? Dorico 3.5 - Suspend Audio in Background GONE

Yes!!! Thank you! I searched the forum, and that never came up.

I thought I was losing my mind.