Suspend Link and Absolute Linking


I’m currently (re)-configuring my controller for Nuendo 12 and the new Midi-Remote and there are 2 functions that I just can’t find:

I’d like to have buttons to quickly set channel linking, but while “Q-Link” function is available as a key command, “Suspend All Channel Linking” and “Absolute Mode” don’t appear in the key commands list.

Also, the Q-link key command seems to only work if the Mixer window is in focus. When the Project Window is in focus, i can’t call Q-link either via midi or a keyboard mapped key command.

For me, this behaviour defeats the purpose of a key command. If I have to grab my mouse and select the window, i might as well click the button. Key commands and MR are here to help me not use the mouse.

Would it be possible to add those key commands as well as being able to reach them without clicking on the mixer window first?
Some feedback for the MR would be great too.

Edit: I can’t find a key command for “toggle track list” either

Thanks for considering this,


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