Suspend Link glitch

I’m not sure if this is a bug or what it is.

  1. I link channels in the mixer.

  2. I decide to edit individual tracks on the project page and turn on “suspend all channel linking”

  3. I start doing editing on one of the linked channels and it works initially.

  4. At some point the linking turns itself on again.

    Commands I know I use while editing on the project page are:
    cutting event start/end to cursor position
    fade-in/out change by grid increment
    standard fade-in/out
    nudge event by grid increment

    Anyone else have this happen? I didn’t see a key-command for the function of suspending linking so I don’t think I’m triggering it by mistake. If this is a bug or a hidden key-command it kind’a makes linking unusable if you have to switch back to the mixer window to suspend every minute.

BUMP !!!

This is driving me crazy!

Has anyone found a key command for “Suspend all channel linking”?