Suspend MIDI note input while Dorico is in background?

When transcribing music, I switch back-and-forth frequently from the notation app to the audio playback app (Transcribe) and play along on my MIDI keyboard.

While Sibelius is in the background, the sound for the currently-selected staff will continue to sound, but if Sibelius is in note-entry mode, no notes will be entered. I like it this way.

With Dorico, note entry continues when Dorico is in the background. I have to exit note-entry mode before switching to Transcribe and re-enable it when I switch back.

Is there any way to get Dorico to behave like Sibelius - to suspend MIDI note entry when Dorico is in the background, but continue sounding the instrument?

No. You should find that hitting Escape gets you out of note input pretty quickly, and Enter gets you back into note input equally quickly.

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Easy enough, but as I move back-and-forth frequently and quickly, I’d rather not have to do that.

Dorico team, please consider adding a Preference to duplicate the Sibelius behavior (e.g., “suspend MIDI note entry in background”, similar to the existing “Suspend audio device in background”, allowing the instrument to keep sounding).

There is no option for this at present, but I agree it would be useful, and it’s something I hope we will be able to add in future.

Great! Thanks!

+1 for this!

Two and a half years later, I’m still missing this feature! (see the first post)


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I use Transcribe with Dorico all the time. If it helps, here’s my workflow:

  1. I use a software MIDI router to route the MIDI signal to multiple ports simultaneously. I have individual ports for Dorico, Transcribe, and a standalone Piano VST.
  2. Standalone Piano VST open so any time I touch the MIDI keyboard it will sound like a piano.
  3. In Transcribe I have Respond to MIDI set to Always and my left and right MIDI foot pedals set to control playback as below.
    This way I can leave Dorico in the foreground most of the time and just control Transcribe with my foot pedals.
  4. Dorico - I always use Pitch Before Duration input so I can play whatever on my keyboard and not worry about it being input until I want. Enable MIDI Thru unchecked as I don’t want to hear any staff-assigned sounds during input and only want to hear the standalone Piano.

With this setup I can quickly transcribe music without the hassle of switching back and forth between programs.

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Thanks, Todd! I’ll consider your method, but I’d have to buy MIDI foot pedals.

More importantly, my work flow involves a good amount of time in Transcribe (jumping around to different parts of a track, for example), so I need to be able to switch apps more easily.

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