Suspending Mics & Speakers from ceiling

Would you not then encounter the same problem but upside down, a kind of Australian conundrum :laughing:
In that you would have to devise a way of isolating the speakers from the ceiling, which is probably more resonant than the floor.

Now suspending a mic from the ceiling could encounter the same problem of the ceiling acting like a large sound board and transmitting that down the mic pole!

Having said that, my vocal booth has a ceiling mounted mic placment on a pole that’s decoupled from the ceiling using neoprene and I must say works fine.

I used to have my nearfields hung from ceiling back in late '80s/early '90s. It was because my studio was at the top floor of a gable roofed house. It was a great little home studio … mainly because of virtually no standing waves and no direct reflections from back wall (there wasn’t any, just the ceiling going almost all the way down to the floor) and ceiling.