Sustain CC not working as it should

I have an issue with recording sustain information on Cubase 12. I have a piano track, and when I play the midi-keyboard alongside the sustain, everything works as it should. After I record, the sustain information has been changed to not being an on-off value, but ranging from 0-127 in CC information. When I play it back there is no sustain. Hope someone could help me figuring this one out!

Screenshot attached.

This part sounds correct. MIDI CC64 (Sustain) is in fact a 0-127 controller.
What looks odd is that CC recorded does not appear to each a value of 0 as it should if the pedal is in a fully up position.

Also sounds strange. What happens if you were to erase the CC64 data and use the pencil tool to draw in Sustain information that goes fully from 0 to 127?