Sustain controll on midi keyboard


I’m using an M Audio Keystation 61 along to Cubase 7. I need a way to turn on the sustain using some other triggers, rather than a sustain pedal (which I do not own).

I figured out I could use the modulation wheel to turn on automation for CC64 sustain but failed to do it. Tried generic remote too but no luck.

Searched all over the internet but no luck.

Can someone help me with that? I need at least an on/off trigger.

Thabk you

Hi and welcome,

Use Input Transformer (Global), for this. Enable Module 1, and set it this way:
Filter Target
Type Is | Equal | Controller | And
Value 1 (it will change to: MIDI Controller No.) | Equal | 1

Action Target
Value 1 | Set to fixed Value | 64 (it will change to CC 6 (Sustain)).

Now, when Cubase receives MIDI Controller 1 (Modulation), it will transfer it to MIDI CC64 (Sustain).

Hi Martin,

Thank you so much for your answer. I looked over and over again and I couldn’t find any “Input transformer” button in my Cubase. I also saw on a different forum that not every Cubase has this feature… What should I do now? :slight_smile:

Thank you


Select the MIDI track, and open the 1st tab in the Inspector (Track Name). You will see set of buttons. There is M, S, R, W, Device Panel (Cubase Pro only), and the arrow… The arrow is the Input Transformer. The Input Transformer is in Cubase Pro and Cubase Artist only. Cubase Elements/AI/LE doesn’t have it.

Which version of Cubase do you have, please?

Cubase 7 Elements …

OK, then I’m sorry, there is no Input Transformer.

Is there any other option?

I was thinking to control track automation with the mod wheel, then I could trigger the CC64 Sustain, is that possible?