Sustain midi data editing - what happened?

After updating to Cubase 7 I’ve experienced a weird thing about the sustain pedal data…

Normally the sustain pedal midi data in my key editor window has always shown either an on or off status and I just had to place a point on each start and stop of where I wanted to change the curve and move it to on/127 or off/0.
Since ver. 7 this whole thing acts weird. You can place a points anywhere between 0 or 127 (doesn’t make sense) and pulling a point to 0/off doesn’t work. On top of that If I’ve recorded some midi using the pedal on my keyboard and later want to edit this differently I have a problem moving a point over an old recorded on/off event (even though I’ve erased it) where it automatically will jump to off or on position as if it remembers the old recording. Very stupid and very annoying!

Have anyone else experienced this? And is it a bug or have they changed the way this works? And how do I get it back to the old way of editing since this doesn’t make sense.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


It’s a change. Help with sustain pedal and cc64 - #5 by greggybud - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Ok - thanks Steve!

Anyway, is there a setting where I can switch between the good old on/off setting and non-binary sustain data? It’s a pain to edit it this new way and time is money :slight_smile:

Would be nice to make it switchable in newer updates if it’s not possible now.

Nope. It’s a current feature request.

Best workaround I’ve found so far… create a macro…

  1. First create a Logical Editor preset…
    Upper Section…
    Type is___Equal___Controller___And
    Value 1___Equal___64

Lower Section…
Value 2___Round By___127

Function = “Transform”.
Name your preset, e.g. “Round CC#64”

Name, e.g. “Old Sustain Pedal”
Process Logical Preset - Round CC#64
MIDI - Thin Out

Any CC#64 values that were lower than 64 get transformed to zero, and any equal or above 64 get transformed into 127, and, (usually :wink: ) any duplicates get removed. YMMV :wink:.

So cool Vic! Thank you. I don’t know that much about macros but I will try to create it :slight_smile: Should be able to Google it :wink:

See pg.714 of the Cubase 7 documentation, it is quite easy to follow :wink:.

how can I edit the length of a sustain? There is no end point to drag. And I can’t seem to draw a new one. It always seems to attach itself to the next sustain entry. I know it’s a “change”, but still, how do I use it???

Hi Dionysis

You can make new points and draw if you choose the pencil tool inside the midi data area for the sustain pedal. Then you can drag the points as you want.

I can add points sure, but I cannot drag them past the end of sustain in order to prolong it. If I do that they seem to attach themselves to the next sustain, i.e. as a starting point of the next one.

You have to delete an existing point if you want to move a newly made point past it. Or move the already existing point further away so that you don’t cross it with the new one. Sometimes it’s best to delete all points if you want to add them manually. Also if you already have some sustain data and want to record live with a midi keyboard and sustain pedal remove all points in the area you want to record the sustain pedal before recording.

You have to delete an existing point if you want to move a newly made point past it.

I am not trying to move the new point past an existing one. The moment the new point passes the end of the sustain event it establishes itself as a start point of a new sustain event! This is so frustrating. Does this have to do with some setting?

PS I cannot even record a new pedal part. Even when I delete the old midi controller points and try to record new information, the old ones still take hold (“invisibly”)!

From the link below you can download a video showing what I am trying to do. I am trying to prolong the sustain pedal duration. I add a point and drag it to the right but it right after identifies itself as a beginning point of the next event. Only way to do it is grab the whole rectangle to the right and prolong the beginning to the left. But it is so tedious. Why is there not an end point/handle anymore?

Got the answer of another thread…

The bottom of the window is hidden behind the Start panel. Resize the window or maximize it.